Flag Marshals - Get involved!

TKC consists of group of volunteers with a love for motorsport at all levels, some of us got involved through driving in one of our events, others got involved due to a fondness for the sport. Whatever your reason, what’s stopping you?


There is always a need for marshals at our events.

What are a marshals responsibilities?

The primary job of a flag marshal is to communicate with the drivers using a standard set of flags to help ensure everybody is safe.


The primary role of the Paddock Marshal is to be responsible for gridding the drivers correctly and ensuring the rules and safety of the pit lane is maintained


Do i need any experience to be a marshal?

No, we don’t require that you have any specific experience or previous training as we can train you in everything you need to know.


What if I don’t like it?

As its a voluntary position, there is no commitment from event to event, if you can’t marshal an event for any reason, just let us know in advance.


Are there any perks?

Front row seat to some of the best racing in Ireland and Northern Ireland! Hot lunch is provided free of charge.

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