Race flags explained


Chequered flag
End of practice or race
Stationary Yellow flag
Danger. Slow down. No overtaking.
Yellow flag waved
Great danger. Slow down. Be prepared to take evasive action or to stop.
Black flag
Disqualified. Leave track at end of current lap.
Red flag
Immediately stop driving at race speed. No overtaking. Be prepared to stop if instructed by CoC/Marshall
Green flag
Displayed at start/finish line to start practice and heats
Red Yellow flag
Slippery surface
Stationary Blue flag
A faster driver is close behind you
Blue flag waved
A faster driver is trying to overtake you
Black White flag
Driving standards warning. Black flag will be issued next if necessary.
Black Orange Circle flag
Mechanical failure noticed on kart. Leave track and return to pits at the end of current lap.
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